Pixel Art

Hey, it's been a while since I last posted here, so, long story short: I'm based in Sydney, Australia as a full time artist and/or illustrator. And showing what I do anywhere I can. Right now you can go check my things at Paddington Markets, here in Sydney, or just contact me if you want to come visit me at my studio.

In the mean time, here I'm posting my latest pixel art prints.

All the backgrounds were designed by the amazing Juan Vivas of GRAPHICO.



Sample of CONSEQUENCES book


So, I just received today the first run of my self-published book. For those of you who have made a self-published book, I congratulate you and respect you, now I know the hard work it requires to get it all complete and printed. 
Now comes the truly hard part. Go out and show it and sell it. So if any o you have any idea on how to do this the best way possible, all advises are welcome. 

If you are in USA, Canada or any other country but Australia, you can buy it from: www.blurb.com/user/store/M-lon

If you are in Australia you can write me at art.mlon@gmail.com

Here are some peeks of the book. Cheers. 


Don't think to much!!!

Drawing with ink on paper.


Post at www.weekendnotes.com.au

Hey check out this post about my work here in Sydney, at the link below.
(Written by Manuela Santana - fellow venezuelan living in SYD, AU too).

Thank you Manu, beautiful post.



Screenprints - Austin TX

Here are the screenprints I got to make here in Austin TX along with www.kongscreenprinting.com

Hope you like them.
You can find them in ETSY under the store: KAYAPA

These prints are for a series of paintings I'm doing about problems that are facing societies mostly in third world countries. The name of the series will be: CONSEQUENCES (I will try to post some paintings in a while)