Pixel Art - Nirvana / Kiss

More pixels: Nirvana and Kiss... Cheers


Pixel Art / M-lon

I'm cooking an idea for the serie of paintings I'm doing right now, and it is about pixels, so I decided to start practicing and getting to know the technic, and found that is amazing... I got stuck with pixels, so just for the fun of it I'm making these simple and silly illustrations of people I see everyday, self portraits and music bands I like.
So, here they are. Cheers

Me with my associates, and dudes... Constracta (architecture studio)

Me and my beautiful Gaba, my incredible Camila and my awesome Elvis...

Hotel 286 (designed by Constracta)

Mostro Contenidos (the coolest dudes in the block, and our next door neighbours)

The Beatles pixel art...

More Beatles pixel art

And more Beatles - Yellow Submarine pixel art
More bands and characters on pixels on the way...