Ivan Mata MUNNY

This was my collaboration for an event made but the people of Freak Store (Caracas, Venezuela), called "I LOVE MUNNY 3.0".
It's all about TOYS and ART, what more can a man ask for?...

The thing with this figure was that the guys from the store wanted to give a present to the dude that was hosting the event / show / thing, so here's when I appear in this story.

Illustration of Ivan Mata on a Munny Vinyl Toy...


Tatoo I designed for a good friend, I thought he was never going to dare, but he did... And to say the truth, it was SWEEEEET!
I'll scan the art or sketch and post it here...
The theme was about asian culture, the mix between a geisha and a samurai.


New commissions.

Some paintings I started... In a new space / shop.



Here's a commission painting a made for my friends Daniel and Claudia (the cooles couple).
Mixed media on hard paper taped and glued alltogether to make a complete surface of 1.25 x 0.95m.
The sketchbook's pages were from a present Daniel and Claudia brought me from their trop to Buenos Aires, Argentina...


El lenguaje de los pasos... EXPO

Photography: Gabby Villalba

Photography: Gabby Villalba



Miguel Monteagudo

Fabiana Daly

Gabriel Mesa

El lenguaje de los pasos...


The SketchBook Project 2011

My sketchbook for arthousecoop's SketchBook Project 2011 has been digitized, here is the link (http://www.arthousecoop.com/library/5328) and some previews, check it and leave comments if you may...

Awesome work made by the people in Art House Co-op for accomplishing such amazing project...


Gathering material

Right now I'm in the process of gathering enough material (all kind of wood pieces) for my next serie. Tho I have to admit that because of my job as an architect is a bit easier, due of my recollection of "soon to be despossed" wood on my construction sites.

Again, excuse my english.


ASKetch tryouts

I've been playing around with this new app for the iPad, and I have to say it's simply awesome. It is called "ASKetch"...
Here i'll show you some things i've been able to do with it... Cheers.


Publicacion en EL NACIONAL (La individual del Lunes)

HEY!!! aqui pongo la publicación que salió hoy lunes en el periódico El NACIONAL, en la sección de "La individual del lunes"...
Hey!, here I'm posting today's publication on a venezuelan newspaper EL NACIONAL, about M-lon and the serie "ARRIVED"... Enjoy and cheers...


Working hard

Still here in Sydney, working, working, enjoying and working more.

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Lego at Sydney Aquarium

Amazing. This is what inspiration is about.

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