This is a sneak peek for a set of paintings I'm working in, here in Austin, for a book I hope to finish some day.
- Mixed media on canvas (32"x32")


Pixels Canvas

A commission for a friend.
Mixed media on canvas (8x8 inch/each = 32x32 inch/total)
Here is the process till the final.


More Distraction

Some other paintings from the serie DISTRACTION I left back in Caracas.

Think then speak!

Once I came to Austin, TX (my first stop in my moving from Caracas, Venezuela to Sydney, Australia) I had to start all over again with my paintings and art-related stuff. And the most difficult thing I encountered was getting to know new media to work with (acrylics, spray paints, charcoals and even the ink, you wouldn't believe how many kind of inks you can find here in the States).

So I started with the basics (watercolors, charcoal and ink on hard paper). Here is what happened. Cheers.

Distraction (paintings)

Here's my last serie of paintings "Distraction" before I leave my beautiful and beloved city of Caracas and head on a kindofadventure to Australia. Passing by first by Austin, TX (USA) where I hope to work on lots of pieces, so if you know about places or you yourself want to see my work, well you can email me or leave a comment here.
Mixed media on canvas